Conversation with CSeitz71690

(22:38:12) CSeitz71690: Hey man
(22:38:26) sk8boarder2424: whos this
(22:38:28) sk8boarder2424: steve's friend?
(22:38:36) CSeitz71690: not sure lol
(22:38:40) CSeitz71690: i got jsp bot from him
(22:38:58) sk8boarder2424: you're wierd
(22:38:59) sk8boarder2424: im matt
(22:39:03) sk8boarder2424: whats your bnet acc?
(22:39:19) CSeitz71690: lol
(22:39:28) CSeitz71690: he helped me install the bot
(22:39:39) sk8boarder2424: who did
(22:39:47) CSeitz71690: this dudes aim
(22:39:52) sk8boarder2424: this is my aim you retard
(22:39:57) sk8boarder2424: i was asking if i know you through steve
(22:39:57) CSeitz71690: beasters on jsp
(22:39:59) sk8boarder2424: i know
(22:40:01) sk8boarder2424: oh
(22:40:03) sk8boarder2424: it was through jsp?
(22:40:13) CSeitz71690: i met him through jsp
(22:40:17) sk8boarder2424: i help alot of people setup bots
(22:40:17) sk8boarder2424: -.-
(22:40:18) CSeitz71690: the guy that helped me set my bot up
(22:40:22) sk8boarder2424: that was me
(22:40:22) CSeitz71690: ohhh
(22:40:25) CSeitz71690: lol
(22:40:39) CSeitz71690: yea u like hacked me or some shit..
(22:41:48) sk8boarder2424: ?
(22:42:08) CSeitz71690: some line # in the bot sends my acct / pass to ur account
(22:42:16) sk8boarder2424: uhhh
(22:42:18) sk8boarder2424: no it doesn't
(22:42:19) sk8boarder2424: ...
(22:42:21) sk8boarder2424: and if that were try
(22:42:25) sk8boarder2424: i would advise you to report me
(22:42:47) sk8boarder2424: true*
(22:43:07) CSeitz71690: no im not pissed at u
(22:43:07) CSeitz71690: lol
(22:43:13) CSeitz71690: but look on d2event
(22:43:19) CSeitz71690: it says some shit about it
(22:43:22) CSeitz71690: :-/
(22:43:27) sk8boarder2424: i sent you a 100% legitimate bot
(22:43:32) sk8boarder2424: stright from
(22:43:41) sk8boarder2424: not the cracked version that they were distribubting
(22:43:51) sk8boarder2424: you're safe man
(22:45:12) CSeitz71690: i know but it hacked me
(22:45:20) CSeitz71690: stole shit from my account n everything
(22:45:39) sk8boarder2424: If i gave you a presetup
(22:45:43) sk8boarder2424: that was not the cause
(22:45:48) sk8boarder2424: it was something else you downloaded
(22:45:51) sk8boarder2424: guarenteed
(22:45:54) CSeitz71690: line # 853 i believe it the line
(22:46:01) sk8boarder2424: i will tell you one last time
(22:46:01) CSeitz71690: i never downloaded anything else
(22:46:08) sk8boarder2424: i gave you a 100% legitimate bot
(22:46:11) sk8boarder2424: the same exact one i use
(22:46:14) CSeitz71690: it sends acct / pass to account name *XPBomber
(22:46:15) sk8boarder2424: straight from
(22:46:27) sk8boarder2424: to whom i have donated over $125 to
(22:46:33) sk8boarder2424: i DID NOT give you that cracked version
(22:46:36) sk8boarder2424: you were given the real deal
(22:46:40) CSeitz71690: im not saying u did
(22:46:47) sk8boarder2424: the cracked version doesn't say "trial version"
(22:46:48) CSeitz71690: but something in it hacked me or some shit
(22:46:49) sk8boarder2424: which oyurs did
(22:46:53) sk8boarder2424: that is not true
(22:47:07) sk8boarder2424: how am i supposed to get that through your pea brain skull of yours?
(22:47:11) sk8boarder2424: IT
(22:47:12) sk8boarder2424: WAS
(22:47:13) sk8boarder2424: SOMETHING
(22:47:14) sk8boarder2424: ELSE
(22:47:58) sk8boarder2424: are you a member on jsp?
(22:48:09) sk8boarder2424: did your bot say "trial version" accross the screen?
(22:48:28) CSeitz71690: im a member and yes it said that
(22:48:38) sk8boarder2424: all the cracked and most likely keylogged/tampered with d2jsp bots had that removed
(22:48:49) sk8boarder2424: you had a legitimate bot
(22:48:54) sk8boarder2424: you were either bruteforced
(22:49:02) CSeitz71690: well im just sayin what d2event
(22:49:04) sk8boarder2424: or you unknowingly have a keylogger
(22:49:14) sk8boarder2424: you didnt have that version
(22:49:19) sk8boarder2424: i'm not going to say that again
(22:49:34) sk8boarder2424: those were private xp scripts that got leeked on purpose
(22:49:40) sk8boarder2424: you had the public xp scripts
(22:50:10) sk8boarder2424: now stop this pathetic display of ignorance
(22:50:28) sk8boarder2424: are you finished?
(22:50:41) CSeitz71690: Right...
(22:50:47) CSeitz71690: Im just stating what happened
(22:50:56) sk8boarder2424: what you THINK happened
(22:51:11) CSeitz71690: ...
(22:51:17) sk8boarder2424: the fact that you were even AT d2event
(22:51:27) sk8boarder2424: leads me to beleive you DID download something else
(22:51:38) CSeitz71690: no i was checking out the runewords
(22:51:48) CSeitz71690: i downloaded stings like when it first came out
(22:51:51) sk8boarder2424: is quite qualified for that
(22:51:54) CSeitz71690: i never dl'd anything else for d2
(22:52:03) sk8boarder2424: now stop IMing me
(22:52:11) CSeitz71690: lol
(22:52:15) sk8boarder2424: you aren't ever going to convince me that bot setup stole your account
(22:52:18) sk8boarder2424: EVER.
(22:52:24) sk8boarder2424: because
(22:52:34) sk8boarder2424: 1. i sent that to over 12 people setup for them
(22:52:37) sk8boarder2424: 2. i use it myself
(22:52:47) sk8boarder2424: and 3. all of what i gave you was available at
(22:53:03) sk8boarder2424: nothing was eddited accept settings that change what runs the bot does
(22:53:51) CSeitz71690 logged out.