(8:15:58 PM) LoLiAddiCteD: As baked as I am, it comes to no surprise that
I have no idea whats going on, no less what happened. Care to elaborate?
(8:17:09 PM) LoLiAddiCteD: However in retrospect, IMing you with a different
screen name appears to be the... wrong thing to do...
(8:19:34 PM) LoLiAddiCteD: I now know that I am far too high to be dealing
with such important things such as a fragile friendship. I accept this, though
I do regret it.. this.. it. regret doing.. talking to you... typing, whatever...
What was I talking about? Wow, I really just need to shut up...
(8:24:03 PM) LoLiAddiCteD: lame.
(8:42:32 PM) LoLiAddiCteD: Whatever you decide... Just read this.

When I first moved, I had no friends, so loserishly, I went to the aol chatroom scene
to make friends. Pathetic, right? From those days, there are still 3 people who I've
tried to keep close, and tried to keep as friends. You are one of them. Another is a
lost cause, but 1, I have become good friends with in real life... We chill all the
time and swap buds, haha but anyway, enough about her. I'm in a strange time in my
life, drugs, mental issues, physical illness; it's pretty fucked up. And to lose an
old friend, a valued friend, though it hasn't really seemed so lately, is something I
would really regret if I let happen. 5 years I've known you. 5 fucking years. I've told
things to you that I hadn't told anyone else, I trusted you, I don't give a fuck.
I really wish that was true. But for some strange reason, I finding myself caring
that you are ignoring me. Caring that you won't give 3 minutes of your time just to say
hey, whats up, etc. And now you say "im not supposed to talk to you"? WTF is that bull
shit, some dick head boyfriend of yours spying on your computer? What the fuck ever, I
just find it hard to believe that at one time, you had cared about me, as I did you...
now after all that time, you just turn your back and let it all turn to dust? And when
I say 'care about me', look it up in the fucking dictionary if you're going to try and
take it the wrong way as if I had meant that we dated or something.
But if you really are that type of person, the type who would want nothing to do with
a person the once called a friend, then you know what? Make my fucking day, give me a
reason to stop caring that some dumb bitch doesn't want to be friends with me anymore.
Just do us both a favor, and tell me "Yeah, I'm that much of a bitch, now stop talking
to me". Because until I'm convinced that there really is a reason to say fuck it and stop
trying to talk to you, I'm going to continue to do what I think is the right thing to do:
Make things work.
So one of the two, you decide:
(8:42:44 PM) LoLiAddiCteD: 1) Fuck you, you stupid bitch
(8:42:46 PM) LoLiAddiCteD: or
(8:42:53 PM) LoLiAddiCteD: 2) Talk to me... Please