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(22:42:27) sk8boarder2424: hey
(22:42:28) sk8boarder2424: :P
(22:42:43) Yumi Higarashi: hey :) im studying
(22:42:51) sk8boarder2424: :X
(22:42:51) sk8boarder2424: for?
(22:43:08) Yumi Higarashi: Air Force, which I'll be leaving for in 17 days
(22:43:18) sk8boarder2424: oh nooes
(22:43:24) Yumi Higarashi: yeah
(22:43:26) Yumi Higarashi: hehe
(22:43:28) Yumi Higarashi: holy1
(22:43:49) sk8boarder2424: what is holy1
(22:43:58) sk8boarder2424: just describe it to me
(22:43:59) sk8boarder2424: :X
(22:44:00) Yumi Higarashi: a falling backwards emote
(22:44:02) sk8boarder2424: lol
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(22:47:23) sk8boarder2424:
(22:47:27) sk8boarder2424: buy more stuff
(22:47:36) sk8boarder2424: the last one got closed cuz of 60+ replies
(22:47:36) sk8boarder2424: :)
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(23:11:08) sk8boarder2424: buy more stuff!
(23:11:10) sk8boarder2424: study later!
(23:11:47) Yumi Higarashi: i got to study lol
(23:12:00) Yumi Higarashi: gott o know allt his shit in 17 day by heart or im fuclked
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(23:46:31) sk8boarder2424: i made soy_diablo a new sig/ava
(23:46:36) sk8boarder2424: since you made his last one, and hes not on
(23:46:38) sk8boarder2424: wanna see? :P
(23:46:44) Yumi Higarashi: lol sure
(23:46:47) Yumi Higarashi: hes in my clan
(23:46:51) sk8boarder2424: i know -.-
(23:47:01) sk8boarder2424: gr
(23:47:04) sk8boarder2424: my ftp is acting up
(23:47:07) Yumi Higarashi: lol
(23:47:25) sk8boarder2424: i pay too much for it to be acting up
(23:47:35) Yumi Higarashi: lol
(23:48:07) sk8boarder2424:
(23:48:11) sk8boarder2424:
(23:49:11) Yumi Higarashi: those are great but he wanted the part the way it is just new pic lol thats why i opted to do it for him since i was on and had photoshop up
(23:49:25) Yumi Higarashi: he just didnt want his pally on it n e more.
(23:49:33) sk8boarder2424: what do you mean
(23:50:25) sk8boarder2424: all he told me was he wanted his d2account thin in it
(23:50:33) sk8boarder2424: oh my
(23:50:35) Yumi Higarashi: yeah
(23:50:39) sk8boarder2424: that empire thing is part of it
(23:50:46) Yumi Higarashi: but he wanted it the way it was just new pic part
(23:50:59) sk8boarder2424: whatever
(23:51:06) sk8boarder2424: he will like it
(23:51:08) sk8boarder2424: or ill kill him
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(23:54:01) Yumi Higarashi: lol
(23:54:14) sk8boarder2424: you want a sig too?
(23:54:16) sk8boarder2424: im on a roll
(23:54:18) sk8boarder2424: o.O
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(23:56:16) sk8boarder2424:
(23:56:18) sk8boarder2424: just made that too
(23:56:47) Yumi Higarashi: good job
(23:57:06) sk8boarder2424: you need a break
(23:57:06) sk8boarder2424: :)
(23:57:16) Yumi Higarashi: lol
(23:57:26) sk8boarder2424:
(23:57:30) sk8boarder2424: scanned that the other day
(23:57:40) sk8boarder2424: made it during a bic like 5 months ago
(23:57:49) sk8boarder2424: bic = internal suspention
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(23:59:02) Yumi Higarashi: nice
(23:59:06) Yumi Higarashi: here are a couple ive done
(23:59:17) Yumi Higarashi:
(23:59:23) sk8boarder2424: do you need an ftp?
(23:59:36) sk8boarder2424: its alot better than imageshack
(23:59:36) sk8boarder2424: -.-
(23:59:39) Yumi Higarashi: ftp..?
(23:59:41) Yumi Higarashi: no
(23:59:43) sk8boarder2424: and i got 50 gigs going to waste
(23:59:50) Yumi Higarashi: no no no i use image shack no using ftp
(23:59:57) Yumi Higarashi: ftp is bad for computer lol
(00:00:02) sk8boarder2424: your an idiot
(00:00:04) sk8boarder2424: sorry to say
(00:00:13) sk8boarder2424: try this
(00:00:19) sk8boarder2424:
(00:00:20) Yumi Higarashi: this is another sig i made
(00:00:22) sk8boarder2424: in IE
(00:00:23) Yumi Higarashi:
(00:00:47) sk8boarder2424: you need top learn abstract brushing
(00:00:56) sk8boarder2424: those backrounds are weak
(00:01:09) Yumi Higarashi: i appreciate the offer but i use image shack because last time i used matts mods i had a major issue and i had to redo my frwkaingharddrive entirely because i got a virusethat locked up my computer entirely, nothing worked not even system restore.
(00:01:22) sk8boarder2424: matts-mods?
(00:01:25) sk8boarder2424: I
(00:01:25) Yumi Higarashi: no they arent
(00:01:25) sk8boarder2424: AM
(00:01:28) sk8boarder2424: MATTS-MODS
(00:01:31) sk8boarder2424:
(00:01:34) sk8boarder2424: belongs to ME
(00:01:38) sk8boarder2424: no one else uses it
(00:01:46) Yumi Higarashi: stop criticzing my work i have only had the dman program for 1 week and been using it for 4-5 days
(00:02:02) sk8boarder2424: are you kidding?
(00:02:07) sk8boarder2424: you're better than i was
(00:02:11) sk8boarder2424: after 2 years
(00:02:12) Yumi Higarashi: no i am not kidding
(00:02:15) sk8boarder2424: of doing waht my cousin told me to do
(00:02:21) sk8boarder2424: "just play with it"
(00:02:30) Yumi Higarashi: mom jsut put it on my pc for me like saturday
(00:02:31) sk8boarder2424: i strived to be as good as he was
(00:02:44) sk8boarder2424: hes a proffessional web designer
(00:02:49) Yumi Higarashi: ill show u what ive made thus far besides those sigs
(00:02:54) sk8boarder2424: and
(00:02:56) sk8boarder2424: use my ftp
(00:02:58) sk8boarder2424: i insist
(00:03:04) Yumi Higarashi:
(00:03:16) Yumi Higarashi:
(00:03:17) sk8boarder2424: you cant tell me you got a virus from matts-mods
(00:03:29) Yumi Higarashi:
(00:03:46) Yumi Higarashi:
(00:03:47) sk8boarder2424: not bad
(00:03:59) Yumi Higarashi:
(00:04:15) Yumi Higarashi:
(00:04:32) sk8boarder2424: so
(00:04:34) sk8boarder2424: i want you to tell me
(00:04:39) sk8boarder2424: how you got a virus from matts-mods
(00:04:54) Yumi Higarashi: this is supposed ot have a vid on it that moves but i dont havr the plug in for putting it on there, either that or i havent figured itout yet
(00:04:58) Yumi Higarashi:
(00:05:01) sk8boarder2424: and why those 6 pop-ups i jsut got are acceptable
(00:05:13) Yumi Higarashi: i went to it about 4 months ago to try to use it and it messed up my pc.
(00:05:21) sk8boarder2424:
(00:05:23) sk8boarder2424: will never
(00:05:25) sk8boarder2424: or has never
(00:05:28) sk8boarder2424: done anything like that
(00:05:36) sk8boarder2424: i controll ALL content that goes into that domain
(00:05:59) Yumi Higarashi: att he time u must have missed something because i havent beenback since.
(00:06:06) sk8boarder2424: i guarentee, you have never been to before you started talking to me
(00:06:23) Yumi Higarashi: this is a sig imade for mymom
(00:06:26) Yumi Higarashi:
(00:06:33) Yumi Higarashi: like one of 4 or 5
(00:06:49) Yumi Higarashi:
(00:06:49) sk8boarder2424: warez
(00:06:54) sk8boarder2424: youve got to be kidding me
(00:06:54) Yumi Higarashi: yeah
(00:06:57) Yumi Higarashi: no
(00:07:04) Yumi Higarashi: she has a warez site
(00:07:09) sk8boarder2424: pitiful
(00:07:10) Yumi Higarashi: im a moderator on it
(00:07:20) sk8boarder2424: honestly, im disgusted
(00:07:32) Yumi Higarashi: shut up beaters its an excellent site and has stuff u cant find anywhere else.
(00:07:39) sk8boarder2424: your dealing with warez
(00:07:41) Yumi Higarashi: and it has MORW htan warez
(00:07:54) sk8boarder2424: and you want to tell me i got virus from my website
(00:08:02) Yumi Higarashi: u can post graphics uve made and u can posts poems it has a chat zone
(00:08:10) Yumi Higarashi: its like jsp only withoutt he b/f and the trading
(00:08:11) sk8boarder2424: which i know for a fact, its about as likely that you've been struck by lightning, than you've visited my site
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(00:09:36) sk8boarder2424: your ignorant.
(00:09:54) Yumi Higarashi: =\
(00:10:22) Yumi Higarashi: no im not and i dont appreciate you being like this when I have my own preferences of how i do things and where I do. I dont criticize you so you shouldnt do it to me
(00:10:31) Yumi Higarashi: *go
(00:10:38) sk8boarder2424: you are.
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(00:10:43) sk8boarder2424: you never got a virus from
(00:10:52) sk8boarder2424: ever.
(00:11:05) Yumi Higarashi: then how come I went there and i had to wipe my drive clean..?
(00:11:10) sk8boarder2424: ive been in control of that domain for 6 years
(00:11:13) sk8boarder2424: never
(00:11:18) sk8boarder2424: has any harmful material been on it
(00:11:32) Yumi Higarashi: I went there and had to close out 2 windows fromt he sigs u showed me beasters. and I have up to date software on my pc.
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(00:11:50) sk8boarder2424: dont call me beasters
(00:11:52) sk8boarder2424: its unsulting
(00:11:55) sk8boarder2424: matt.
(00:12:08) Yumi Higarashi: well matt then i didnt know what the heck your name was >.<
(00:12:18) Yumi Higarashi: you never to,d me and i never thought to ask.
(00:12:29) sk8boarder2424: your telling me, you followed a link to a sig i showed you?
(00:12:33) Yumi Higarashi: most people don't give out there names online.
(00:12:34) sk8boarder2424: and what happened?
(00:12:45) Yumi Higarashi: i got two pop up windows. =\
(00:12:49) sk8boarder2424: impossible
(00:12:54) sk8boarder2424: that link was directly to the file.
(00:12:55) Yumi Higarashi: no not impossible
(00:13:02) sk8boarder2424: pop-ups come from embedded html
(00:13:06) sk8boarder2424: dont you tell me whats what
(00:13:06) Yumi Higarashi: one was fast and the other was some weird thing.
(00:13:16) sk8boarder2424: you obviously have spyware
(00:13:20) Yumi Higarashi: nope
(00:13:25) sk8boarder2424: im telling you
(00:13:32) Yumi Higarashi: i had a scan come up and it came out clean
(00:13:33) sk8boarder2424: pop-ups did not origionate from my links
(00:13:40) Yumi Higarashi: my scheduled scan at 7pm
(00:13:48) sk8boarder2424: understand how pop-ups work
(00:13:53) sk8boarder2424: they are either embedded in html
(00:13:58) sk8boarder2424: telling the browser to open a new window
(00:14:00) sk8boarder2424: with the ad in it
(00:14:02) sk8boarder2424: or
(00:14:07) sk8boarder2424: they come from your pc itself
(00:14:13) sk8boarder2424: something in your pc, tells that window to come up
(00:14:20) sk8boarder2424: i sent you a link to a .jpg file
(00:14:25) sk8boarder2424: there is NO possible way
(00:14:25) sk8boarder2424: EVER
(00:14:35) sk8boarder2424: that i could or anyone else could embed html in that file
(00:15:03) Yumi Higarashi: Matt look my major is computer programming and computer related. I KNoW what I'm talking about =\. I dont have ANYTHING on my pc right now.
(00:15:14) Yumi Higarashi: anyway I have to go to bed its 1:15 and i gotta get up at 7
(00:15:39) sk8boarder2424: you're so ignorant, it enrages me to think you ahve a DEGREE
(00:15:45) Yumi Higarashi: i dont
(00:15:51) Yumi Higarashi: have a degree yet im working onit.
(00:16:00) sk8boarder2424: well, you have much to learn
(00:16:12) sk8boarder2424: because ive spent the past 6-7 years, teaching myself everything i know
(00:16:16) Yumi Higarashi: but Iknow what im talking about cause Mom is a computer guru we have 17 computers and Ive grown up around it.
(00:16:23) sk8boarder2424: bring her in the room
(00:16:25) Yumi Higarashi: but anyway before this turns into a fight Ihave to go to bed
(00:16:26) sk8boarder2424: we settle it now
(00:16:32) Yumi Higarashi: so I;ll see u next time Im on,line
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