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Northrend has two different level 70-72 starting areas (Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord), you only need to pick one when leveling from 70-80, there is no need to do both of them. The only time when doing both starting zones is necessary is if you start in Northrend at level 68. For example if you playing a Death Knight, and you go into Northrend at level 68 (which you should, because you will be getting more XP per mob kill), then you should most likely be doing both 70-72 starting areas.  When starting Dragonblight, you should be level 71.5 at least.  But starting Northrend at level 70, just do one starting zone.

See This Pic for how to get to each starting zone.

Before I discuss the differences between these two zones, lets use these as abbreviations:
BT = Borean Tundra.
HF = Howling Fjord.

Here are the differences between the two starting areas:
BT has a bit more quests than HF. BT has about 140 quests, while HF has about 110 quests.
I was able to finish BT at level 72.3, while I left HF at level 71.8.
The time it took me to get from 70 to 71.8 in BT took me about 15 minutes faster than going from 70 to 71.8 in HF. So BT is faster when it comes to leveling over HF. This is probably because the quest hubs are more close together in BT, while the quest hubs in HF are spaced out further from each other.

Now you must also take something else into consideration. To get to BT, you take the zeppelin in Durotar, which most people are probably going to do that over taking the zeppelin in Tirisfal Glades to go to HF come WotLK launch. This means that BT is probably going to be more over crowded than HF. This may impact the leveling curve that BT has simply because of the competition for killing mobs etc..

HF may be a better choice simply for that reason. Once WotLK settles down a bit, this probably won't be an issue.

Also keep in mind the leveling speed for each zone is not a dramatic difference. They are still somewhat the same speed to level in.

As far as which zone is more fun. They are nearly the same as far as fun is concerned. I felt that HF had a little better scenery than BT. So this is a toss up.
As far as which zone you should level in. I cannot say for sure. And I am not going to point to one or the other and say do this over that. It is up to you to decide with the information I provided here.
After you decide which zone you want to start in, go to my Guide Menu below...

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02) Here is the order where you will be leveling:

03) 70-72 Borean Tundra


04) 70-72 Howling Fjord

05) 72-74 Dragonblight

06) 74-75 Grizzly Hills

07) 75-77 Zul'Drak

08) 77-78 Sholazar Basin

09) 78-79 Storm Peaks

10) 79-80 Icecrown


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